Cornucopia Whistler 2021

Giving it a second shot!

Relax we are double vaxxed. Tastings, dinners and a cautious sense of celebration carry through Whistler and visiting community.

It is a privilege and a great pleasure to be presenting again this year.

KurtisKolt and I take the stage Saturday 13th morning to showcase ten of our “Top Value Wines” with our usual banter, snappy wit and usual charm. Attendees will appreciate a solid range of origins, varietals and styles as we support our selections with a bit of eno-edutainment.

The next day Sunday the 14th, it is my honour to present “Clos du Soleil: Terroir of the Similkameen” Clos du Soleil is easily one of BC’s top wineries and is a beacon of Similkameen quality wine craft. I will take you for a tour of the region, highlighting the climatic, geographic and environmental differences. “Rugged, Rustic and Real” defines the Similkameen. You will taste eight of the wines of Clos du Soleil from their organic and biodynamic vineyards. Sip the Similkameen

Clos du Soleil: Terroir of the Similkameen

“Silence of the Lambruscos” starts around 2pm Sunday the 14th and is a not to missed opportunity to be introduced to real, true Lambrusco. Craft Lambrusco. We will explore the family of Lambrusco varietals and discover the mosaic of different dry styles. Artisanal Ancestrale methods and the Martinotti methods that are guaranteed to put a sparkle in your step.

Silence of the Lambruscos

Hope to see you there at Cornucopia Whistler 2021 #cornucopia2021

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