What’s in an acronym? WX meets CX.

I’m excited to connect and align with organizations who have a real focus on CX. CX is the de facto acronym for Customer Experience, an intentional strategy and integrated process that aims to provide clients with consistent meet-and-exceed experiences when they interact with you. Kapow!

Education and entertainment through shared experiences – and with a relevant takeaway – is where Tythewineguy ‘enotainment’ fits into this story. Since wine, food and culture are all common interests, weaving them together in a client event creates magic. Think enriched connections and shareable stories.

For years clients have put their trust in me and value the expertise I bring to compliment their in-house teams and support their engagement initiatives through what I’ll call WX – aka Wine Experience.

Here’s a snapshot of recent events to get you thinking about adding WX to your CX mix.

Natural Born Thrillers – aka the natural wine movement


Working with this international professional services firm for many years on their tech sector client events is a delight. A forward-looking and innovative approach to wine themes and selections align with the DNA of this group. Curating and animating a range of organic, biodynamic and natural wines is definitely on trend and provided more than a few ta-dah moments for the 130 guests.

French Pop Classics

billaud bottle

When this luxury real estate company wanted to take their agents wine knowledge to the next level for the benefit of their clients, we looked no further than Chablis.  Chablis is the archetype of cool climate Chardonnay, an iconic French wine and place that is revered not only in Paris but around the world.  The outcome of this tightly curated experiential tasting for 25 was increased knowledge and understanding of the different tiers of Chablis, and an appreciation for the weight, concentration and majesty that is Premier Cru and Grand Cru Chablis.

Outtake:  Billaud-Simon 2014 Chablis Premier Cru Montée de Tonnerre and Billaud-Simon 2013 Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos

If you want your CX to include WX, then I’d love to connect and curate an experience uniquely tailored to your client needs.

Until then.


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You appreciate. They appreciate. Happy Holiday Wine Gifting.

Wine:  it’s an experience and you can wrap it.

Wine retains its rightful place as a gift-of-choice during the holiday season for both giver and receiver. It’s personal, shareable, celebratory and ceremonial, and compliments and enhances any culinary experience. Wine appreciates (if you’re patient and cellar it for another day) and it is a gift of appreciation.

Many of my clients engage me to navigate the vast wine world for them and curate a selection of unique wines that reflect their appreciation for their clients, employees and business partners during the holidays and throughout the year – as well as their own personal requirements for entertaining and cellaring.

You’ll find me where wine is always on duty and needs to make a good impression.

Best wishes for a festive holiday season and a happy new year.



Cornucopia@Whistler, Nov 2018

Looking forward to another year as a presenter at Cornucopia, Whistler’s signature food + drink event.

You’ll find me at these seminars – hope to see you there!

Top Value Wines;

Cabernet Franc: From best-supporting player to leading role;

Chenin Blanc:  Live with style, age with grace;  and

Craft Beer for Wine Lovers


In Vino Veritas

The truth is there is no one way with wine. 

My journey has and continues to lean to experiential learning driven by curiosity and context.   This means face-to-face time with winemakers, wine families, wine exporters, wine consortiums and wine import agents….attendance at global wine events, on trade buying missions, and more.  I’ve also been influenced by many luminaries, past and present, who’ve contributed their knowledge and inspiration through literature (that’s a future blog post).

The over 100 thousand wine enthusiasts I’ve met, face-to-face, to this point in my career in fine wine retail and hospitality, whether they’re consumers, clients or any of the people mentioned above, have shaped my knowledge and understanding.

My wife and many of our friends enjoy wine, wine country, wine culture and cuisine. They’re curious and they want a story. Lucky me.

This is my way with wine.

What’s yours?